Neil Palmer also works under the pseudonym "Dust Devil" and has a long and successful career both on stage and with his catalog of instrumental work.

With both a classical and contemporary background he brings versatility and individuality to each scenario.

His musical palette ranges from the
bombastic to delicate, bold to beautiful and every possible emotion between.

At the age of twenty, he kicked off his career playing keyboards for the hit makers of the '80s - Stock, Aitken and Waterman. Playing on multi platinum hits.

As a session player in London other notable work was for Howie B & Dobie from the Soul To Soul collective, The Lighthouse Family and Natalie Imbruglia on her worldwide hit '

Next he was in the limelight himself as a member of the band '
Halo James', having top ten success with that project.

Later with the rapid advance of studio technology he did remixes for many artists including 'Ant & Dec', Suzanne Vega, Haddaway and Xavier Naidoo to name a few.

Since 2000 Neil has been the pianist for Xavier Naidoo in Germany. With writing collaborations on tracks like "
Alle Manner Mussen Kämpfen" and "Europa".

In between projects for clients he continues to add to his extensive catalog with
Extreme Music.

  1. Deep Water

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